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Updates on my life august-september-october-november in China (and a quick trip to Thailand♥)

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So my promise to keep writing about my life in this part of the world hasn't been that successful.. Anyhow.. Been back in Shanghai since mid-August. School started early september and have that from monday to friday. Rest of the time I am figuring out options and looking for possibilities, sending out CV-s and all that newbie stuff you have to do to land a good job here. And here means overall in Asia, not only China in particular. So yes, I have broadened my plans not just to stay in Shanghai but am interested in relocating to some other place..(preferably with +25 weather). So internship offers in hotels are more than welcome..

So weather-wise september-october was perfect. Nice sunny breeze, +25, nothing compared to Estonian autumn. Even though Mom said it has been untraditionally warm there as well. September-october was basically about going to school, trying to manage with my all-lost Chinese (the freaking year back at home did such damage to my chinese level, that it was ridiculous!) So getting more confident at it now.. Doing the Business Chinese course here.. At the moment we're studying about 'types of payments' and 'currency exchanges', 'packaging'..

It is definitely different being back here compared to the first time here. The city's sparkle has faded a bit. I guess all due to me knowing the places and basically considering being a local here. First time here, obviously it was all new-sparkly-loads of new places/people/parties/news/shows/ etc. etc.
Now being back there's still loads of new people around, but everything else more-or-less same. Some new cool clubs and places, but...
Most of my friends from last schoolyear have left back to their countries, few besties still here, so very happy about that!!
You cant help it with these big cities, everything changes all the time..

I just returned from the nicest holiday with my dear Mom. We met up in Bangkok, chilled there for few days and then drove to Pattaya to enjoy beach holidays with a bit of sizzling nightlife there. The hotel we stayed at is business parters with my workplace back in Tallinn, so had chance to visit different room-types in all 4 hotels on the property. The hotel (anyone interested in a quiet area a bit away from the crowds of Pattaya city, then Royal Cliff Hotels Group is a perfect solution) has a large area, including 4 different hotels on it. Private pools, beach and fitness clubs surrounded by breahttaking scenery was excatly what we needed, perfect little getaway, not to mention the +30 sunny weather, which me and my mom are most excited about. Got a tan, hehee. So there's that..

So now it's a bit more than a month away from Christmas, which will be yet again spent in China. If it is not picture-perfect snowy weather back home, I can handle Christmas here.

The one thing I wanted to write about (more a note to myself maybe, still find it interesting..) are the ridiculously low prices of foodstuffs here. Few hundred meters from my compound is a lovely vegetable and fruit market where all locals go to-first floor is for buying meat and I usually hold on to my breath to make it to the second floor, because the smells coming there are not that lovely. Chickens and ducks are sold in front of the market and so on.. Pretty usual for locals here. So on the second floor there is the veggie market. I have a certain lady I buy my foodstuff from. And the prices are pretty much all the time the same. So usually when i cook at home I do omlette and egg-dishes with different veggies, which inquires me to buy loads of different green stuff. For example: 2-3 tomatoes, 2-3 cucumbers, 1 mid-size broccoli, 1 big onion, green onion, some green stuff, leaves or whatever they are called and some carrots, I typically pay 13-15kuai, which is 1,6-1,8 euros. How ridiculous is that! And as for fruits, prices are quite low as well (I am comparing to Europe prices, not Thailand ones, which are even cheaper). But yes, I know, these prices are at my local market, not some Xujiahui (one of the centres in Shanghai) or even worse Lujiazui (business district here) fancy department store, where I can get 1 apple for the same price... So buying some stuff here is very favourable to your wallet. And then you go to a fancy resto and pay 25 euros for a appetizer..

Anyhow, Shanghai seems to be the same, but something has changed or maybe it's just me O_o
Gonna keep you (or mostly myself) updated about new weird or/and typical things here.. So in 30-years-time I can take a look back and remember the good-times and stories I had here..:)

Oh and I'll do a picture-update next..



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